Blended Care Services

One of the most exciting things being found in the medical field today is the concept of “blended care services”.  Traditionally, patients have been seen by a Primary Care Physician, who manages the health care of there patient, while referring them to other medical specialists on a as needed basis.  While the patient’s medical issues are managed, nothing is done to provide other services that have a direct impact on the patient’s health and overall wellbeing. 

In “blended care services” the patient still has a Primary Care Physician, with access to medical specialists on a as needed basis, but they have access to other services that impact there health and wellbeing. All of this is under one roof and under the direct supervision of their medical doctor. 

In addition to traditional medical services that any Primary Care ‘s office would perform, offices that provide “blended care services” also have Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Corrective Exercise and Strength Specialists on their staff.  The goal of “blended care services” is to treat the entire person and to treat the root cause of the issue that resulted in a medical problem. 

A good example of this would be a person that is overweight and is having joint issues because of their weight.  Instead of the Doctor telling them to loose weight and go figure out how to do it, a “blended care provider” would take the person down the hall to the Nutritionist to develop a nutritional program and then down to see the Chiropractor to make adjustments the patient feel better and then to Exercise and Strength Specialist to develop a exercise program, flowed up by a massage.  All of these services are under the same roof and are managed by the patient’s Primary Care Physician!