Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common ailments that people today suffer from, especially as a result of people becoming more and more interested in staying in shape and exercising.  The most common shoulder injury is a rotator cuff injury.  Rotator cuff injuries can happen to anyone at any time! 

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that hold the ball of your upper arm into the shoulder socket.  They also connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade as well.  While the shoulder has a great deal of range of motion and flexibility, the shoulder socket is shallow when compared to other joints such as the hip.  As a result the joint relies on these muscles and tendons for stability.  It is easy to injure the rotator cuff by either falling, lifting something heavy or repetitive activities such as throwing a ball as many baseball players have realized! 

Often there are effective none surgical techniques to treat rotator cuff injuries.  These techniques include Chiropractic manipulative therapy and massage therapy as well as Physiotherapy and additional therapies.  During the Chiropractic therapy, the Chiropractic doctor will manipulate the spine with specific detail given to the shoulder girdle. 

The massage therapist will perform neuromuscular massage to release the chest muscles, the shoulder girdle and the associated muscles in the arms.  Physiotherapy will work towards stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.  Additional therapies will include cryotherapy, fomentation, ultrasound and electrical stimulation to control the pain and inflammation associated with rotator cuff injuries.  More than likely this integrated therapy will have your shoulder feeling better than ever!

Rotator Cuff Injury: Chiropractic Solutions

Rotator cuff injury is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. With this type of injury, you can suffer sharp pains shooting from the shoulder down through the arm, persistent throbbing pain or a limited range of motion. There may even be redness and swelling. 

The rotator cuff consists of the set of muscles and tendons in your shoulder that connect your upper arm bone to your shoulder socket. Injuries can result from an accident or severe fall, throwing a ball or even just lifting a heavy object over the head.  They can also be due to tendonitis or age. 

Most rotator cuff injuries do not require surgery; however, they can often benefit greatly from chiropractic.  At consultation, your chiropractor may recommend one or more of the following treatments: 

Physical Therapy:  Your chiropractor will prescribe a series of stretches and exercises aimed at strengthening the shoulder and muscles of the arms and making sure the healing process proceeds with positive outcomes. 

Cryotherapy:  Ice bags regularly applied to the shoulder area can help reduce pain and inflammation. This technique is generally used immediately following the injury. 

Fomentation: Once the pain and inflammation have improved, the chiropractor may have you switch to heat packs to help relax sore and weakened muscles. 

Ultrasound:  Therapeutic ultrasound has proven to help heal rotator cuff injuries by increasing blood flow and stimulating tissue in the affected area. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation:  Similarly to ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation helps improve circulation around the rotator cuff, relieving pain, improving mobility and speeding the healing process.